Hi, I'm Tim

I work on customer engagement at Bazaarvoice. I co-host The Bat Boys, a podcast about Valencia CF soccer club. And I also write here periodically on what I'm working on, reading, and thinking about.

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The latest

On Bitcoin

If you are reading this and you are my friend you are not surprised. Over the past year I have been telling all my friends to pay attention to Bitcoin. It's become a running joke at this point. When will Tim bring up Bitcoin? So in an effort to explain myself, I'll attempt to define Bitcoin and why I think it's so important.

Do Facts Matter?

Two friends debated recently… Do facts matter? One argued that facts are meaningless. She argued that facts only support one’s biases and that facts can be manipulated to support any argument. The other argued that there exists an absolute truth and facts are a path to that truth.

Golf Lessons

I started playing golf this year. There were limited activities available during COVID, and with my friends playing pretty often, it was finally the time to start playing. I’ve played around 8 rounds this year, more than my entire life. I’ve even begun to have fun.

Why I'm Writing Everyday

I have decided to publish an article every weekday for the rest of the year. Today is Saturday, October 24th. This equates to 49 days of consecutive publishing on this site.

Organizing Customer Success Data

Your customer success team is only as effective as the data underlying it. Without data, your team will struggle to grow and scale. If you are intending to create a lifecycle, tech touch, or scale program within your success org, your data will be integral to support the initiative.