Let's See What Happens

Let's See What Happens

For our team I've created themes which will determine how we'll work together. We think of these as the mental models we'll work from but also the underlying values and philosophy for ho we'll work.

One of them is "let's see what happens". This sentence hopes to instill in the team a helpful heuristic for making decisions and taking action.

You see, we are a new program and testing and iteration is where most of our progress is made. We are not a mature program in which strict processes and optimizations are needed.

Instead, we need to make lots of small best, quick tests, and see what is most impactful. So whenever a member of our team needs to make a decision and take action, they'll recite this heuristic for moving forward, "let's see what happens". They can test and measure the results, rather than do the opposite, which is doubt the process and not take any action.

How can you instill heuristics in your team so you can standardize decision making?

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