Shipping Daily

Shipping Daily

This morning I tweeted a list of accounts I've been following for some time. These accounts are focused on finance, investing, and personal growth. It got tons of engagement. It was the best performing tweet of mine by far. Two thing stuck out to me.

First, people just want to connect with like-minded people. Just tweeting your appreciation for others who are discussing similar topics is enough for others to engage. People want to work with people they like. They also want to share in common goals. Let this be a lesson to anyone just getting started. Even if you have little to offer, and no experience to speak of, just showing up and participating and listening is enough.

Secondly, these folks create everyday. They ship their content everyday. They have large followers and are on top of their niches. This is the biggest takeaway for me. It's not that they always produce incredible content. No, the content they produce everyday isn't always the best. But they produce tons of content. They show up everyday and they figure out away to get results.

Success is a numbers games. It's simple. It is showing up, never giving up, not listening to others and shipping your art. If you haven't started yet, then your problem isn't your great idea, or your execution, it's your "at bats". You just haven't swung enough times. Instead, focus on shipping daily.

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