Start Small

Start Small

When starting new projects it is almost inevitable that your scope is too large, too complex, and takes us away from rather than closer to our ultimate objective.

We begin to plan and build and orchestrate all the things we want to complete to make the thing happen.

  • Want to create a newsletter? Skip the fancy email templates, mailchimp account, the landing pages, and your social media strategy. Just add your friends in your gmail account and start.
  • Want start a business? Skip the websites, social media accounts, instagram handles. Instead build your product and sell it to five friends. Ask them to venmo you for it.
  • Want to start a restaurant? Don't think of the name, the business cards, the financing for the space. Instead, invite 5 friends over and have them venmo you $20 for the meal.

It's so easy to overcomplicate and to overthink.

We want to build the big startup, the huge restaurant, and the successful newsletter. But in the beginning you must be ruthless in keeping it simple, cutting all distractions, and sticking to your core objective.

Always ask how you can do it with less, how you can start smaller. Only later do you add on to it.

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