Twitter Growth

Twitter Growth

Earlier I spoke about the power of online courses. This is a prime example of that.

Here are free videos from David Perrell on building audiences with Anthony Pompliano, building a twitter following, and how he uses twitter. This is extremely valuable information that is available for free! This is available to anyone who is ambitious enough to study it and apply it.

Below I'll summarize the major takeaways.


The most consistent message throughout all of these is the important of posting often. It's vital to consistently post content on Twitter. Pomp originally posted 10 times per day, for 3 years. David posts 5 times. On twitter, the volume of data is what gives you an edge over other accounts.


Find what you will post about and don't post about anything else. This is the hardest part. What will your niche of niches be that makes you unique and allows you to stand out? Your goal is to understand what this is and never post about anything else. Only as you increase your followers and engagement can you slowly start to widen your topics.

This is hard stuff

The first lesson from Pomp is to "don't even try". Because growing a twitter audience or an audience on any platform is a grind. It's really difficult stuff. It requires a ton of hard work and persistence. It won't happen tomorrow. It's vital to understand why you want to grow your audience and twitter following, otherwise you won't make it.

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