Why I'm Writing Everyday

Why I'm Writing Everyday

I have decided to publish an article every weekday for the rest of the year. Today is Saturday, October 24th. This equates to 49 days of consecutive publishing on this site.

I want to do this for a few reasons...

First, I want to get into the habit of thinking.

The act of writing requires the act of idea generation. Without a process for creating new ideas, it’s impossible to continue writing. Idea generation can be done in isolation, such as sitting down and generating lists. But the best ideas come from conversations, daily observation, and reading. Yet during my normal day-to-day, I’ve found I can easily get into the habit of passive observation - I'm a lazy thinker. Yet I’ve found that when I push myself and concentrate, my daily life becomes more interesting and energizing. For example, this is common during vacation. You can take a trip to Paris and be surrounded by an immense amount of history, culture, and art. But how easy is it to passively observe, walk around, and wait for the next wine and baguette. Knowing I need to write daily, I will be challenged and reminded to actively observe, create and mix ideas, and contemplate on what is in front of me.

Secondly, I want creation momentum.

During the writing process, I’ve found I not just improve my thinking but I generate even more ideas. The act of consistent creation acts as a foundation for better ideas, greater capacity to create, leading to greater projects and outcomes. And even without creating new businesses or side projects, having a greater capacity to generate and clarify new ideas can only lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding career and life.

There are many more reason to consistently write - or even create. The daily discipline, the create vs. consumer mindset, the unlocking of new ideas and fresh insights. But I hope these to benefits - creating a habit of active thought and creation momentum - can come together to benefit other areas of my life.

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