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Below is the collection of my favorite links, articles, essays, and videos all in once place. I've collected these over the years and am happy to share them here with my short take on each. Enjoy!

​Does More Income Make You Happier?​

We all have probably heard the study: after making around $75,000, money loses it's ability to make us happier. The logic states that money can help us remove painful circumstances, but after our essential needs are met it does not make us any happier-we're on our own ​But a new study says has found that happiness and income increase linearly. Meaning as you make more money, your happiness continues to increase over time. How did they get different results?

Is Maximizing for Optionality Hurting You?

Ask most people what they'd most prefer, could they do anything, and most of it comes back to optionality. They want the ability to live anywhere, start any project, work from a beach, maybe even quit their job. This is especially true for young people. They optimize for more options. But what if this is a false premise? What if our pursuit of options is hurting us? Mihir A. Desai of Harvard thinks optimizing for optionality may backfire.

Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington

I gained as much from this book as I had from the past three. His writing is simple, making impactful and magnetic. He explains topics such as education, work ethic, race relations, reading and studying, opportunity, self-improvement, and meritocracy. It’s inspirational and wise - perhaps the single best book on the topic of success I’ve read.

Keep Your Customers by Ali Cudby

This is a great overview of the impact of customer loyalty is on a company's growth. What's best is the author provides an actionable plan for creating repeatable processes to measure and grow customer loyalty for an organization. Highly recommend for any customer facing teams or customer-centric organizations.