Customer Engagement Rules

Customer Engagement Rules

During our scaled customer success initiatives, we use messaging rules to ensure there's always a purpose for our messages. In any outreach, each message to a customer or user must have a purpose. Without a purpose, it cannot be tracked and measured adequately to ensure there's an outcome to be had.

Examples of these types of messages are: 

  1. Goal: What is the goal of this message? Without a goal, how do you intend on tracking its effectiveness?
  2. Actionable: Every message should contain an action for the end user.
  3. Brief: All messages (aside from newsletters) are single purpose. There's just one subject to be discussed.
  4. End User: who is receiving this message? Are you speaking with executives, technical teams, program owners?
  5. Sender: Does the sender match the receiver? Entry level team members shouldn't outreach to executives without good reason
  6. Method is the message: While we rely heavily on email, the medium is a very important in choosing your message

Engagement is what we're all competing for. In customer success, we are focused on keeping customers attention on our products, services, and the value were offering. Any drop in engagement can disrupt this focus, distract from business value, and lead to churn.

We're all so busy

The challenge with our engagement strategies is this: we're all so inundated. Just open your "social" or "promotions" folders in gmail. I bet it's littered with countless companies vying for your attention.

That's why is more important than ever to focus on the above messaging rules. If you  send a message to an end user, you better be sure it's clear, convincing, actionable, and within the right context. Customers or prospects become engaged when the messages they receive will help them do better at their job, are timely, add value, and apply to them.

Messages delivered to everyone is meant for no one.

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